Nadie sabe adónde va la noche / No one knows where the night is going
Beatriz Vignoli

nouvelle / fiction
pages: 100
isbn: 978-987-9108-45-1

series: buenos y breves / 9


Welcome to Atopia. This tale takes place at night: on Friday’s dusk until Saturday’s dawn. Its main character is a middle aged man, divorcee, teacher of English and American literature at Atopia University, who has decided he will find a woman, once again. At first, he thinks it can be any woman, but as time goes by he understands he can only find the woman of his life. During the night journey, Ricardo Rojas –aka Dick Redds–, will meet frivolous teenagers, former ill-fated student, taxi drivers who seem rock stars, prostitutes, comrades of the night and a whole gallery of freaks.

Beatriz Vignoli is a well-known name in Argentine Literature: her poetry and saga of novels in the city she has created, several of whom are still unpublished, have credited her with awards, critics’ flattery, and the readers’ appeal, who will certainly come across in this story some Atopian they know in real life.


No one knows where the night is going presents Vignoli’s taste for telling stories and her gift, between real and fiction, to make her readers leave behind the temptation of being just observers of an external tale. Sonia Scarabelli, Rosario/12

No one knows where the night is going presents a well made novel with the kind of speed from Copi’s novels […] I wish all Argentine novels were as good as Vignoli’s. Ezequiel Alemian, Suplemento de Cultura, Perfil


Beatriz Vignoli (Rosario, Santa Fe, 1965). Poet, novelist, transalator and art critic. She published the following poetry books: Almagro (2000), Viernes (bajo la luna, 2001), Itaca (2004), Antología Poética (2004), Soliloquios (2007) and the novel Reality (2004). She has collaborated with several Argentine newspapers and magazines. She lives in Rosario, Argentina.


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