El molino / The mill
Mariana Docampo

novel / fiction
pages: 124
isbn: 978-987-9108-44-4
series: buenos y breves / 8


Once a month mi granny Liliana and my granddad Enrique came to Zárate. They spent the weekend with us and on Sunday night they went back to Buenos Aires. Every time they came, they brought presents for everybody and my mum cooked ravioli and ate at the gazebo. After lunch we played cards or  domino until tea time. When the grandparents came home we interrupted our excursion to the mill.

By means of a structure of narrative fragments without chronological order –a careful exercise of style that refers to natural memory– Mariana Docampo composes the novel of a big family from their daughters’ point of view.
The excursions, the trips, the childhood universe stimulated by the leading father’s fantasy, religion and an oppressive atmosphere always in the verge of a tragedy are some of the elements Docampo uses to build a family’s mystique and hide more than what’s shown, from the lines in between, impeccably developing  tension in the story, in crescendo.


Mariana Docampo was born in Buenos Aires in 1973, she is poet and novelist. She published in 2001 a short stories volume: Al Borde del Tapiz.The mill, her first novel, won the Second Prize of Fondo Nacional de las Artes Award, 2006.


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