El espíritu del joven Borja / Young Borja’s spirit
Fernando Callero

novel / fiction
isbn: 978-987-9108-34-5
series: buenos y breves / 4


As part of an initiation adventure or simply by running away from the economic crisis in the first years of this century, Marco, a young Argentinean, arrives in Ibiza during the summer in order to work. Even though he has no experience as a sailor, he gets a job on Alba, a ship owned by a wealthy Spanish couple who usually spend their summer in the island. The obvious advantages of the job –good salary, accommodation and the summer walks around the Islands– are soon reduced by a series of events that recall unsolved past stories. 
In Young Borja’s spirit, Fernando Callero renders a story with several definitions: Bildungsroman, adventure novel, sailor novel, among others, but beyond any label, it is a spontaneous, personal approach to the pleasure of telling stories.


Convincing, flexible story, with the inspiration of the  XIX century, combined with today’s freshness: as if Argentine literature were born again after the economic crisis, and  Callero’s voice told a story for the first time. As a matter of fact, this  Adan-like voice, owns a deep knowledge of the genre, with a wholly renewed vision of masculinity. Leopoldo Brizuela, ADN Cultura / La Nación

Young Borja’s spirit launch stands for the chance to find one of the most interesting writers of the new generation. Osvaldo Aguirre, Suplemento Señales / La Capital


Fernando Callero was born in 1971 in Concordia, Entre Ríos. He published El ojo de Víctor, short stories, 1999; Ramufo di Bihorp, poems (José Pedroni Award, 2000). Since 1994 he lives in Santo Tomé, Santa Fe.


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